What you will Learn in Our FREE Educational Webinar?

For many people in the United States, orthodox life and health insurance packages keep their families and them covered. However, for many others, extra coverage is required from a Medicare Insurance company. For many years, senior citizens have had a hard time determining the best insurance policy. However, that would not be the case anymore since All Vest Associates will conduct a free LTC webinar and get all your questions answered.

Why You Need Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage

Long-term care helps individuals access medical services for nursing homes or extended home health care beyond the specified period. Naturally, people who need long-term care are unable to care for themselves and are also incapable of performing daily basic activities without assistance from another person.

Long-term care is costly, so they are not included or covered under typical medical insurance coverage. At All vest Associates, our LTC insurance in Boca Raton covers:

• Homecare
• Nursing home
• Assisted living
• Adult daycare

Furthermore, our policies give you a choice to decide where you want to get your care in Boca Raton. Also, most of our care is provided at home and not at a nursing home. You have nothing to worry about if you don’t want to go to a nursing home.

How a Long-term Care Policy Works

The LTC policy works by paying benefits when you need long-term care. These benefits are meant to repay the amount of money you spend on your care up to your chosen amount. By doing the reimbursement, the policy enables you to hire home health care nurses or home aides if you’re living at home or in any assisted living.

Types of LTC Plans Available at All Vest Associates

• Tax-deferred annuities with long-term care Benefits-Hybrid Plans
• Life insurance with long-term care benefits-Hybrid plans
• State Partnership Qualified long-term care programs
• Traditional long-term care insurance
• Pension protection Act Qualified Annuity long-term care benefit programs

LTC insurance is not a new concept. However, most people don’t have the correct information to help them choose what type of coverage to take. Our free webinar will simplify and explain everything in a layman’s language.

During the webinar, you will learn facts about our Medicare Insurance company from the comfort of your office or home. Our free web class will demystify all the myths about LTC, confusing marketing information, and conflicting information that has misguided you. The course will explain and simplify everything so that the plan you choose to take will do you justice without overpaying.

During the webinar, you can expect to learn about:

• How you can withdraw cash from an Annuity “Tax-free” to pay for LTC
• How you can pay for LTC using pre-tax dollars
• The extended insurance state partnership programs and how they can benefit you
• What is long-term care insurance, and how does it work, among other things.

These are not the only things you will learn from the webinar. There is so much more, and you will also get a chance to ask your questions. You can register to attend our webinar . Remember this webinar is free, and you can follow it from the comfort of your home or office.