Smart Seniors Explore Options for Long Term Care Insurance in Boca Raton

If you find yourself wondering what options will be available for your long term health care, then you are not alone. Americans over the age of 55 are thinking about how they will be cared for in their senior years when or if they are no longer able to care for themselves. As the years go by, some seniors find that they need extra help getting around or in doing just the daily errands that they used to do effortlessly on their own. As we age, it’s only natural that some additional help may be needed from time to time. But did you know that most health insurance and disability plans won’t cover long-term care? And Medicare will only cover so much. That’s why so many seniors today are looking into the different options for long term care insurance in Boca Raton. According to the specialists at the Center for Long Term Care Planning, it’s a wise move to purchase LTC insurance to help you pay for any unforeseen health challenges in your golden years. 

Who should I purchase long-term care insurance?

Not everyone should buy long term care insurance, but it does make sense for some. At The Center for Long-term Care Planning, we believe that you should have a say in your own health care planning. We have many affordable plans for you to choose from that will serve to provide you and your family with peace of mind in your golden years. 

3 reasons why buying long-term care insurance in Boca Raton makes sense:

  1. Financial help when you need it – If there comes a time when you can’t dress or bathe yourself, you will have to spend your savings for in-house help or call on a family member to help you. Once your funds have been exhausted and your family and friends can no longer help, long term care insurance will help you stay in your home longer by affording you the daily in-home care you need.
  2. The Power of Choice – When you purchase long term care insurance in Boca Raton, you have more say in where you’ll spend your golden years. Once you have used up all of your savings, Medicare will only pay for a government-funded nursing home. Purchasing a long term care insurance policy in Boca Raton is a smart move and affords you the power to choose a more comfortable place to live.
  3. Peace of Mind for you and your loved ones–If you purchase long-term care insurance in your 50s or 60s, you could end up paying premiums for 20 years before the policy even begins paying for health services. If you’re lucky, your long-term care insurance in Boca Raton never pays out. But you and your loved ones will have peace of mind in knowing that your assets weren’t depleted because of health problems later on.

How can I get started?

Purchasing a long term health care policy from the Center For Long Term Care Planning definitely has its advantages. For one, you never have to worry about the unpredictability a health crisis in your golden years may bring. Why play games with your health? We can say with confidence that the peace of mind that we provide is worth twice our policy premiums. Call our compassionate dedicated team of health insurance specialists today toll-free at (888) 855-5700, or locally at (561) 272-0720.  Ask for a long-term care insurance quote so you can begin to plan your future with a long-term care insurance plan. You can also view our website at to review all of the valuable information we provide about options for long-term care insurance in Boca Raton. Rest assured that we can help you make an informed future plan today!