National Disease Literacy Month: Understanding Long Term Care

Whether your condition has affected you since birth, or symptoms have only begun recently, receiving any health diagnosis can be frightening. Our first instinct is to seek a solution or a cure, yet it some cases an easy fix does not exist. The human body is complex, as are the ways that it can become impaired or function differently. While chronic disorders or health conditions do not dictate one’s value as a person, it is important to understand them and learn how they will impact one’s life. 

September is National Disease Literacy Month, a time dedicated to improving understanding of chronic disease, genetic disorders, and other health conditions. Founded to help children understand and embrace their health differences, this month-long observation is equally necessary for adults with newly diagnosed conditions. No one is immune to the effects of changing health, and as such, having access to long term care insurance in Boca Raton can help those in need. 

What is Disease Literacy? 

To put it simply, disease literacy means understanding your diagnosis and how it affects you personally. While Google may provide some general information about your symptoms or your condition, we all know the dangers of reading too deeply into the results of a WebMD search. Most chronic health conditions have a wide variety of potential symptoms, many of which are generic and can be caused by multiple possible conditions.  

This is because chronic health conditions affect different people differently. Aside from core symptoms and testing, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what disorder cause which symptoms. Getting a comprehensive assessment of your health can help you better understand these symptoms and what steps to take to address them.  

Once you have a formal diagnosis, seeing a physician who specializes in your condition can help you better understand your health condition. Your doctor can help explain things like whether your disorder is progressive or episodic, how to manage your symptoms, and other vital information.  

Long Term Care Planning 

Receiving a new diagnosis puts your entire future into question, especially for older adults. While it may no longer look as you once planned, your future is still yours to control. Making the conscious decision to take control of your health means doing what you can to keep it as your top priority.  

One common mistake people make when newly diagnosed with a health condition, or even before diagnosis, is ignoring symptoms or continuing behaviors that may exacerbate your condition. Things like eating unhealthily, neglecting medication regimen, or trying to force your body to do the things it once could can cause serious damage and further complicate your condition. While it is important not to let a diagnosis stop you from living your life, recognizing and accepting that it changes the way you conduct yourself is important. Don’t make things worse by trying to pretend nothing has changed. 

For many people with chronic health conditions or disabilities, long term care may become a necessity. Conditions which affect your cognitive abilities, mobility, or which may cause life-threatening episodes require specialized attention for your health and safety. Whether this means in-home assistance for household tasks and medical adherence, or round the clock care in a care facility, making the best choice for your well-being is vital.  

Luckily, long term care insurance in Boca Raton can help to ensure you get the help you need for a fulfilling future. These policies pick up where traditional health care insurance lacks, covering the cost of in-home carers or residential care in a nursing home.  

For more information about long term care insurance, contact Center for Long Term Care Planning now. Our team of experts can answer any of your questions and help you find a policy that works for you.