What to Do If Your Spouse Enters a Nursing Home

It can be difficult to see a spouse go into a nursing home. It can be even more difficult to decide to put a spouse in a nursing home. Often, it is a decision made out of necessity. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some things that you should do.


Ensure That Your Spouse Is Comfortable

Comfort should be a top priority for you when your spouse is in a nursing home. This may mean ensuring they have their favorite pillow or visiting them every day to chat. Also, ask the staff about your spouse’s daily routine and how you can help make it more fun for them.


Get to Know the Staff

The staff at your spouse’s nursing home are there to help. Get to know them and build relationships. This will make it easier to communicate with them about your spouse’s care. It will also help you feel more comfortable with the staff and the care your spouse is receiving.

Make friends with other families in the nursing home. These families can provide the support and understanding that you may need, and it can create a support system within the home for the family members who live there.


Ensure That Your Spouse Has Medical Insurance

If your spouse goes into a nursing home, you’ll need to make sure they have insurance from a reputable Medicare insurance company. This will help cover the cost of their care.

There are many different types of insurance. Long term care insurance is one type that can help pay for nursing home care. Make sure that you do your research to find a long-term care insurance policy that will provide for all of your spouse’s needs.


Stay Involved in Your Spouse’s Care

Just because your spouse is in a nursing home does not mean you are not still the most important person on their care team. You should still be involved in decisions about their medical care, activities, and diet.

The nursing home staff should keep you informed about your spouse’s care. If they do not, make sure to ask questions. You have a right to know what is going on. Do not be afraid to speak up if you have concerns about your spouse’s care. The staff should be open to hearing your problems and working with you to address them.


Visit Your Spouse Often

Visiting your spouse in the nursing home is important. This allows you to spend time with them and stay involved in their life. It also allows you to see how they are doing and if they are receiving the care that you expect. Make sure to schedule visits so that you can spend quality time with your spouse. Do not feel like you have to stay for hours at a time. Even a short visit can make a difference.

Deciding to put a spouse in a nursing home is never easy. However, there are things you can do to make the situation easier. By following these tips, you can ensure that your spouse is comfortable and that you are still involved in their care. All Vest Associates is a center for long term care planning in Boca Raton. All Vest can help you plan for the future and work with your Medicare insurance company to make sure that your spouse receives the care they need. Give us a call today!