Medicare Parts Explained in Easy to Understand Terms

Medicare is a type of health insurance coverage that can provide you with substantial assistance, particularly as you age. Whether you’re looking into Medicare for yourself or helping a loved one to navigate this new insurance coverage, learning more about the system and the plans can help you to feel less overwhelmed.

The Basics

Medicare is typically designed for people who are 65 years of age and older. However, in some cases, younger individuals with certain conditions can qualify. Medicare benefits come from the federal government. This type of insurance can cover standard medical care, such as visits to your primary care physician, hospital stays, and related costs and prescriptions. When people are working, they often have health insurance through their jobs. However, when you retire, that insurance coverage will stop, and paying for health insurance independently is burdensome for most people. Fortunately, Medicare is there to help.

Different Plans

Not every person on Medicare has the exact same type of coverage. Working with the Center for Long Term Care Planning can help you to figure out which plan is the best one for your needs. For example, you may opt for a standard coverage plan. However, you may also need to enroll in Medicare Advantage or another program. You might need to get a supplemental plan. Consulting with a professional can aid in determining what coverage is right for your current healthcare needs and any projected future ones.

The Specifics

Keep in mind that as with healthcare coverage from an employer, Medicare does not typically pay all the costs. When you go to the doctor, you will likely still have to make a copay. Also, you may need to cover the costs of some parts of your prescriptions. In some cases, this cost is nominal. You can also get a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. You may need vision or hearing coverage, or you might want to check out long-term care options in Florida. Getting dental coverage is also a good idea. Taking care of your teeth is crucial to overall dental health and paying for the dentist independently can be challenging.


Medicare is a popular coverage plan, so the chances are that you will find a few doctors who take this insurance. Even if you must go to a specialist, you can generally find plenty of practitioners who accept Medicare. Working with a consultant is useful in terms of finding providers as well. Consultants who specialize in helping individuals navigate Medicare generally have insight as to which local doctors accept the coverage and what long-term care options in Florida take the insurance.

How to Register

You generally will sign up for Medicare through the government’s website. Working with a consultant can be of help here too. You can speak with the consultant about what materials to gather before filling out the application.

Understanding Medicare can seem a bit challenging at first. However, as you begin to navigate the various components, you’ll find a plan that makes sense for your needs. Contact us for assistance.