Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Long Term Care Insurance in Florida

Despite our best efforts to maintain optimal health and remain safe, illnesses and accidents can happen. All it takes is for one illness or accident to render us unable to care for our own needs requiring long-term care. The impact of old age can also be the reason we need help with activities of daily living. Long-term care can cost anywhere from $50000 to $100000 each year, and few can afford to pay for such care making long-term care insurance vital. If you reside in Florida and are searching for a long-term care policy that will ensure you are completely covered in the event you need care, then it is important you learn the ins and outs of obtaining long-term care insurance in Florida.

Why Long-Term Care Insurance

You may think that your health insurance policy will cover you in the event you need long-term care, but what you will be surprised to learn is that health insurances cover only an extremely limited amount of long-term care. Most health insurance policies will only cover a few hours of long-term care each week, and many health insurance companies require that individuals receive skilled nursing care to receive the limited long-term care hours. Long-term care insurance will guarantee that you receive quality care in a setting that is comfortable for you, and you will not have to worry about selling off all your possessions or going bankrupt to receive the care you need.

Knowing Your Options

When you are purchasing long-term care insurance in Florida or anywhere for that matter, it is best that you know your options. All policies are not created equally, as some offer more comprehensive coverage than others. For example, a basic long-term insurance plan will cover approximately $1500 each month, whereas a more comprehensive plan will offer $12000 in care coverage monthly. Then there are hybrid plans that combine life insurance with traditional long-term care coverage. And then, there are asset-based plans that are suited for those who have assets that they can reallocate.

Speaking with an Expert

Before settling on purchasing any long-term care insurance in Florida, it is critical that you consult with a long-term care insurance specialist. Someone specializing in long-term care will be able to explain anything you do not understand to ensure you do not accidentally choose a policy that will not fit your needs. Also, you will be able to get all your coverage questions answered.

Do not wait any longer to put plans in place to ensure you receive top-notch care. Contact the Center for Long Term Care Planning for help choosing the right policy for you. Our experts are standing by and eager to help you take care of your future and plan for long-term care.